What we offer

What we offer

An online platform that connects not-for-profits with professionals for pro bono assignments.

Not-for-profits play a fundamental role in society. They usually operate at the vanguard of positive change, long before governments who are continually hampered by policy deadlocks and election cycles, and corporates whose usual focus is on profitability often to the detriment of the social good.

It follows that to change the world we must give greater focus and support to the organisations whose remit it is to do so - not-for-profit organisations. We know that we can accomplish more by joining forces and working together, but the process of finding each other and forming collaborative teams is fraught with frictions.

For an individual professional to call around to not-for-profits to secure a pro bono assignment takes time and energy that they simply do not have. Likewise, for a not-for-profit to seek out professionals one at a time to work on their assignments is uneconomical. In addition, linear search processes make it virtually impossible to build teams, collaborate with other organisations and deliver projects of scale.

Introducing.. Probo by Inexure. The platform that connects not-for-profits with professionals with ease.